This is the platform of the Community of Practice of the VISConti and the UPPScience projects.

By registering to become a member of the Community of Practice you are making a commitment to the rest of the members of the Community.

The Commitment is:
  • to maintain focused and professional exchange on projects and publications shared by the members of the Community;
  • to take part in activities of the Community of Practice that, although not requiring extensive engagement, are as successful as the reactivity of its members;
  • to adhere to the rules of confidentiality related to concepts, ideas and information shared within the Community unless same are made public by the author.
Both VISConti and UPPScience are Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training funded under the Erasmus+ Funding Programme of the European Commission.
The two projects set up and enlarged a Community of Practice for:
- management and teaching professionals in vocational education;
- students following STEM subjects, IT and related subjects;
- professionals from industry in which science is applied for a better future of all.